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Tyler Vendetti

Don't Hurt a Sasquatch: And Other Wacky-but-Real Laws in the USA & Canada

Don't Hurt a Sasquatch: And Other Wacky-but-Real Laws in the USA & Canada

By: Tyler Vendetti , June Lee
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This hilarious compendium dives into the quirkiest decrees from around the country, from Alabama's ban on driving blindfolded to Delaware's restriction on selling dog hair.

Every state in the country has its own set of rules, carefully designed to identify the biggest problems in its culture and correct them. Most of them are normal: don't steal, don't kill, don't go somewhere you don't belong, etc. All it takes is one weirdo to throw a wrench in that ordinary list, one unruly dude who tried to hold a salmon suspiciously or wash an alligator in a bathtub for lawmakers to step in and impose some order. What are some of these crazy laws, you ask? Take your pick:

  • In Connecticut, it's illegal for a barber to hum a tune while clipping your hair.
  • Thinking about buying a boat house? Think again. It's considered illegal in the state of Georgia to live on a boat for longer than a month.
  • Pigeons get the short end of the stick in both San Francisco, California and Venice, Italy: it's against the law to feed them in public in both cities.
  • Ready to say I do! a third time? Hopefully, you don't live in Kentucky: women are not allowed to marry thrice in the Southern state.
  • Want to surprise your loved one with a pizza? Too bad. Sending a pie to someone without their permission can result in a $500 dollar fine in Louisiana.
  • In Arizona, you can't feed garbage to a pig without a permit. What constitutes as garbage, though, is up to you.

The list goes on. More interesting than the laws themselves are the histories behind each, which Blue Laws goes into in detail. Like, why can't you roll a boulder in Boulder, Colorado? Who decided that you couldn't catch fish with your hands in Indiana? Why are blue laws called blue laws and how did they come to mean generally weird rules (instead of their original meaning: laws dictating what citizens can and cannot do on Sundays)? In this informative and funny book, you will find out through a series of anecdotes, court cases, and illustrated pictures that break down just how and why these rules (most of which are still currently in effect) came to be. Good for history teachers, trivia nerds, or white elephant gift exchange participants, Don't Hurt a Sasquatch is a widely appealing book that will teach you more about how the world works than you ever wanted to know.

  • Contributor(s): Tyler Vendetti , June Lee
  • About the Contributor(s): Tyler Vendetti is a writer and wannabe dog mom whose work focuses on pop culture, humor, and the trials and tribulations of twentysomething-hood. Author ofThe Illustrated Compendium of Ugly and Gross English Words, she boasts bylines in xoJane, TIME Online, Cosmopolitan magazine, Hello Giggles, The Penny Hoarder, and Thought Catalog, among others. Formerly of NBCUniversal and Warner Bros., she works as an entertainment assistant in Los Angeles. A comedy enthusiast with a flair for horror, Tyler can be found on Twitter @HeyThereFuture or at her home in Los Angeles, where she's been hiding behind the couch the whole time.

    June Lee is a graphic designer and illustrator who enjoys everything communication design-related, from painting murals to branding design. Projects include the Truth Campaign for the New York Times, Pizzaz Pizza Festival, and Junk magazine. In her free time, June can be found reading with a cup of coffee in hand, or out hunting for the best coffee in the city. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. For more of her work, visit
  • ISBN-13 9781951511159
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 208
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