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Tim Rayborn

The Big Book of Britain: Cheers to the Crown, Churchill, Shakespeare, the Beatles, and All Things British!

The Big Book of Britain: Cheers to the Crown, Churchill, Shakespeare, the Beatles, and All Things British!

By: Tim Rayborn
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From woolly mammoths and eight-foot beavers on the River Thames to plagues and civil wars, from tea to castles and cathedrals, and everything in between, The Big Book of Britain is a compendium of the major people and events in British history.

Dive in and discover this island nation’s unique charm and fascinating story. More than 200 stories are sure to delight Anglophiles, British readers, the curious, and history buffs alike. Whether you’re interested in mythology, famous historical figures, ancient and medieval history, or how this tiny nation came to rule and influence so much of the world for a while, this accessible, illustrated volume has something for everyone. The Big Book of Britain covers the common and the obscure over thousands of years, including:

  • The Celts and Romans
  • Food, drink, and feasts
  • Wars and politics, and all the skulduggery that go with them
  • Music and literature, and the amazing creators behind the masterpieces
  • Britain during and between the two World Wars
  • Inventors and engineers
  • The truth about the Vikings
  • The rise and fall of the British Empire
  • Tabloids and the modern royal family
  • Brexit
  • And much more!


Each entry has a fun or weird fact that adds more to the whole picture. Celebrate the triumphs of Britain’s people, its rich history, its influence around the world, and its major achievements, as well as some of its major stumbles, outrages, and mistakes. The Big Book of Britain will have you buzzing about what makes Britain, well, Britain, from the earliest times to the modern age.

  • Contributor(s): Tim Rayborn
  • About the Contributor(s): Tim Rayborn has written a large number of books and magazine articles, especially in subjects such as music, the arts, general knowledge, and history. He lived in England for many years and studied at the University of Leeds, which means he likes to pretend that he knows what he’s talking about. He’s an almost-famous musician who plays dozens of unusual instruments from all over the world that most people have never heard of and usually can’t pronounce. He has appeared on more than forty recordings, and his musical wanderings and tours have taken him across the US, all over Europe, to Canada and Australia, and to such romantic locations as Umbria, Marrakech, Renaissance chateaux, medieval churches, and high school gymnasiums. He currently lives in Northern California with many books, recordings, and instruments, and a sometimes-demanding cat. He’s pretty enthusiastic about good wines and cooking excellent food.
  • ISBN-13 9781646433087
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 480
  • Dimensions: 8.55(h) x 6.05(w) x 1.55(d) inches
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