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Ky Furneaux

When the Grid Fails: Easy Action Steps When Facing Urban and Natural Disasters

When the Grid Fails: Easy Action Steps When Facing Urban and Natural Disasters

By: Ky Furneaux
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Prepare your home and family for any catastrophe and know what to do when disaster strikes.

Guide your family through life-threatening situations when they hit home with this survival guide. Learn techniques and strategies for fortifying your home against any crisis. From a downed power line to staying safe during a hurricane or being trapped in your home in a snowstorm, you’ll learn life-saving strategies and self-sufficient living. With the right tools and information, you can survive life’s most unpredictable circumstances. Survival expert Ky Furneaux (featured on Discovery’s Naked and Afraid) establishes easy action steps so your family has a step-by-step plan when things go haywire. Whether it’s environmental disaster, social upheaval, civil unrest, war, or an economic breakdown, with this guide you can confidently navigate any crisis.

Learn practical preparations and smart responses to all kinds of survival situations, including:

  • How to find and sterilize water
  • How to keep warm if the heating cuts out, and staying cool in heat waves without A.C.
  • How to safely store food and water for weeks and months on end
  • First-aid instructions and treating injuries in an emergency
  • Alternative cooking techniques when conventional methods are unavailable
  • How to prepare for a fire, hurricane, tornado, flood, or earthquake

Be self-reliant and give yourself peace of mind with the tools you need to survive even in long emergencies. Take the initiative with When the Grid Fails and be prepared for any urban crisis.

  • Contributor(s): Ky Furneaux
  • About the Contributor(s):

    Ky Furneaux has over 20 years of experience as an Outdoor Guide and extreme survivalist. All these skills were showcased recently when she co-hosted three episodes of her own show, Outback Lockdown, that aired on Discovery Channels all over the world as well as SBS in Australia.

    She has participated in Discovery’s ‘Everest of survival shows’ – “Naked and Afraid” four times as well as being chosen by renowned survival personality Ed Stafford to be the only woman he raced in season two of his hit Discovery show, First Man Out. Their epic challenge took place in the extreme high-altitude environment of the epic Sichuan province Four Sisters Mountain range.

    Ky is also an international award-winning Hollywood Stunt Performer and was named the best stuntwoman in the World in 2012 at the World Taurus Stunt Awards, the stunt world’s equivalent of an Oscar win.

    Ky is the Australian outdoor ambassador for NSW and ACT and is one of the most published Survival authors in the world with 5 books published and 2 more in development.

    Social Media:

    • Facebook (/ ):
    • Twitter (@kyfurneaux)
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    • YouTube (/ ):


  • ISBN-13 9781646432530
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 288
  • Dimensions: 9.0(h) x 6.06(w) x 0.69(d) inches
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