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Joshua Keay

Formal Notices: Fifty Fill-in-the-Blank Forms for Everyday Correspondence

Formal Notices: Fifty Fill-in-the-Blank Forms for Everyday Correspondence

By: Joshua Keay , David Keay
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A combination of ultra-formal communication notices and the fun of Madd Libbs – for grown-ups! Formal Notices is a great communications and conversation-starting book. Use it in the office!

Having trouble saying what you mean? No longer - "Formal Notices" has just the solution! This collection of fifty fill-in-the-blank letters makes it easy to express even the most difficult of sentiments. For example - Did you not get offered the job? Send them a De-Rejection Letter. Or perhaps your love interest is oblivious to your pursuit? Try a Declaration of Romantic Interest form. With a potent blend of old-fashioned formality, a health dose of sarcasm and plenty of shameless honesty, you'll charm your recipient while you let your opinions be known. In addition to being a great read, the truly brave can remove a form, fold it over and send it through the mail. So no matter what life throws at you, Formal Notices will help you "Let That Which is Unsaid, Be Said."

  • Contributor(s): Joshua Keay , David Keay
  • ISBN-13 9781604331325
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 112
  • Dimensions: 9.3(h) x 6.5(w) x 0.75(d) inches
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