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Niko Summers

Mushrooms: An Illustrated Field Guide

Mushrooms: An Illustrated Field Guide

By: Niko Summers , June Lee
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A beautifully illustrated pocket-size hardcover guide to the mushrooms of North America--a must-have for any mushroom enthusiast's backpack or home library.

Mushrooms: An Illustrated Field Guide is a compact, beautifully illustrated field guide to 50 North America's most popular mushrooms. Inside this elegant hardcover, you'll find profiles on individual species, each showcasing a full-page illustration, plus a definition of fungi, information on where to find mushrooms and how--and when--to collect them, and, last but not least, notes on how to avoid mushroom poisoning. Discover the wonderful world of North American mushrooms, including:

  • Chanterelles (Cantharellus)
  • Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)
  • Hen of the Woods (Grifola frondose)
  • Morels (Morchellaceae)
  • Puffballs (Calvatia)
  • Stinkhorn Mushrooms (Phallaceae)

And many, many more! Visually stunning, Mushrooms: An Illustrated Field Guide is an engrossing overview of North America's remarkable and diverse mushrooms. You'll find opportunities for discovery on every page.

  • Contributor(s): Niko Summers , June Lee
  • About the Contributor(s): Niko Summers is a fifth-generation herbalist and comes from a long line of root workers and midwives. He became fascinated by fungi while studying their medicinal properties. In 2020, Niko founded Native Mushrooms, a mycology company that cultivates rare and medicinal species. When not studying herbs or fungi, Niko likes to go foraging in the woods or spend time in his garden. He is a Native San Franciscan, where he still lives with his dog. Find him on Instagram @nativemushrooms.

    June Lee is a graphic designer and illustrator who enjoys everything communication design-related, from painting murals to branding design. Projects include the Truth Campaign for the New York Times, Pizzaz Pizza Festival, and Junk magazine. In her free time, June can be found reading with a cup of coffee in hand, or out hunting for the best coffee in the city. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. For more of her work, visit
  • ISBN-13 9781951511319
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 216
  • Dimensions: 7.0(h) x 5.05(w) x 0.9(d) inches
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